No matter what


EYE CAN - 2011

 Php 400  

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help my ear hEAR again - 2007

Neurofibromatosis is a continuing battle, not knowing when symptoms or an aggressive tumor will strike.

ART AH TACK - 2013


 Since my hEAR campaign in 2007, I am continuously doing fund drives to sustain my never-ending medical needs, which includes regular cranial MRI/CT scan to monitor my brain tumors, therapies for my rehabilitation, expensive maintenance medicines for my eyes and anti-seizure medication and occasional surgeries.
 I don't  want to keep soliciting and asking for someone’s hard-earned money without giving something in return.
Everything that I sell doesn’t only come from my God-given talents but also from my sincere desire to share my heart, how much I love life and my strong faith in God.
 In this way, I will be able to help and inspire people while helping me in sustaining my endless medical needs and expenses and continue with what I am doing.

A life written in permanent ink. Every chapter, each page filled with concrete experiences. As I write it all down, mistakes cannot be erased. There is no turning back.

This is the life that I'm living - a life permanently written. As I take the path each day, I am confident that I am on the right track. For these are not at all in vain, God guides. He is the guideline in my story called life.