I am Maria Kathrina. I AM KCAT. I’m a happy, cheerful and bright person. No matter how positive I see things, I always make sure that I still remain in reality; always. I have a disorder called Neurofibromatosis (a genetic disorder that cause tumors to grow in the nerves anytime and anywhere). I am sick and has multiple disabilities. But these limitations won't stop me from doing the things that I CAN. Disability what?

I am an ABLE DISABLE! And I am a lover of life!


Blogging here since 2005. Writing  about my life and anything.  I love writing in my diary since I was a child. I like writing  essays, reaction and reflection papers when I was still in school. I'm not really that good in writing in terms of correct structure of sentences and usage of words but I love expressing myself through writing.


No matter what

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This is actually my duplicate blog. I almost lost my original blog in 2007. Sad. But instead letting myself be negatively affected by it, I decided to make a new blog to move on with. But, false alarm! That blog suddenly came back but I decided to keep both and continue my sharing my story...

Hello! Welcome to my website. Because everything has a reason, you are here on my page for a reason. That reason may be something that's shallow and trivial. But still, you are here and I hope that I can touch your life and inspire you in any way